USSWORD was started by a group of elected university senators. The Senate is the voice of the community in the governance of the University. We join hands with other groups and individuals who are concerned to the point of taking action against disturbing trends at the University.

The University is the knowledge base for the Saskatchewan community. As such, it is intended to serve all of society and deserves to be funded and supported publicly, without strings attached. Special corporate and government interests should not be allowed to influence the research agenda and teaching conducted at the University. Unfortunately, in recent years the reduction in support from federal and provincial governments has allowed, some would say forced, the University to seek out and become beholden to corporate funding. USSWORD is extremely concerned about this trend and the impact it has had, and continues to have, on the University.

We welcome your participation in our movement to effect meaningful change towards reviving democratic accountability at the University. Your support is extremely important if we are to reverse the extent of corporate influence on University research and teaching. The corporate interest is overriding the public interest.

CONTACT us by emailing ussword@gmail.com