Monday, 10 October 2011

Occupy Saskatoon plans to be at Oct. 15 University of Saskatchewan Senate Meeting.

News Release


Saskatoon people are rallying on Saturday, Oct. 15th, as part of a “people-centred,” international protest movement. We are acting in solidarity with those who “Occupy Wall Street,” and others in hundreds of cities, across Canada and world wide.

The central problem with our economic structure is the impact of corporate power on the lives of individuals, communities, institutions and government.   Nowhere are the concerns about corporate influence more troubling than at the University of Saskatchewan. The University, always strapped for cash, takes large donations from large corporations because public funding has remained stagnant.  But are these donations shifting the focus of the university away from the needs of students and towards the demands of corporate sponsors? Are sciences getting priority attention, while other programs are neglected?   

In the last three years, Cameco corporation, with provincial government backing, has practically taken over new research development at the university.  At the same time, programs like the Extension Department, the Department of Languages and Linguistics, and Fine Arts have been eliminated or starved for resources.  The administration is openly hostile to any debate or opposition to this drift in priorities.  The University Senate is the last chance to voice our concerns.  We need YOU, the ordinary citizen, to show up and demonstrate your support for the senators speaking out about OUR issues.

If you are worried about the rising costs of food and gasoline, you’ve felt the effects of corporate power. If you are concerned about how your community is being planned and directed, you’re aware of the influence of corporate power.  If you troubled about your children’s education, you’re bothered by the effects of corporate power.

We invite people from across the city, and beyond, to join us on Saturday, October 15th, to reclaim our community. 

9:15 a.m. University of Saskatchewan Senate meeting, College of Law
12:00 p.m.  March from the University to River Landing
1:00 p.m.. “Occupy” Friendship Park

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