Friday, 28 September 2012

Dear HUES3 supporters:
Pasted in below (and attached) is a media release that went out this evening to over 30 media agencies around the province and across the country.  As you see, we hope to shine a bright light on the "dirty tricks" to which the Nuclear Waste Management Organization and their supporters have resorted in the bitter struggle over nuclear waste dump sites at Pinehouse and other communities in northern Saskatchewan.  The critics of this corporate campaign -- ordinary people like you and me -- are beginning to feel totally under siege.  They need OUR help.
Attached you will also find a letter that the HUES3 core committee emailed to Saskatchewan's Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter, urging him to conduct an investigation into the shameful electoral abuses that have happened in Pinehouse this month.  Members of the Committee for Future Generations have been bravely carrying the torch in this battle, more or less on their own, for the past year.  It is now time for us outsiders to show solidarity and come to their aid in whatever way we can.  This is definitely NOT the time for us to be sitting on our hands watching on as our brothers and sisters get beaten up by the nuclear bullies. 
We must each show our individual responsibility and commitment by sitting down at our keyboards and writing letters/emails of concern to Minister Reiter.  We must also copy our letters/emails to the Premier, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislature, the Leader of the Green Party, and our own Members of the Legislature to demonstrate how seriously we are taking this situation.  There is strength in numbers -- we must jam full the politicians' email inboxes, such that there is no doubt of our resolve.  Also, we should be writing letters to our local newspaper editors expressing concern, so that the word gets out.  And finally, please take time to email the members of the Committee for Future Generations at the address shown above.  They desperately need our encouragement and support.
Important email addresses for you to use:
Hon. Jim Reiter, Saskatchewan Minister of Government Relations
Hon. Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan
Mr. John Nilson, Leader of the Opposition (NDP)
Mr. Victor Lau, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party,  
To search for your MLA's email address go to the online Legislative directory
Please take time to write your emails of concern and support as soon as possible.  And finally, please do share this email as widely as you possibly can among your personal social network, encouraging your contacts to also get involved in this letter-writing campaign.
In solidarity,
The HUES3 core committee

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