Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lockheed Martin at University of Saskatchewan

The integration and harmonization of the American and Canadian, police and military forces is marching forward.

The integration is well advanced.

The American military, in the form of Lockheed Martin Corporation, is also moving into our Universities.  

If you have doubts, click on the PLANNING DOCUMENT  for Lockheed Martin Corporation’s funding to the University of Saskatchewan.   At the April 2012 meeting of University Senate, the Acting Dean of the Engineering College defended the collaboration.   In the past we circulated news articles about Lockheed Martin’s forays into Dalhousie University and UNB.

It is blatant twisting of the purpose of the University to serve the end of making profits for Lockheed Martin Corporation.  Read the  PLANNING DOCUMENT;  it is not difficult text.  The University will collaborate, to conduct Research to wage more effective war.  Those are the “Learning opportunities” that will be offered to our young people.  The “Collaboration Topics” will help to create an economy based on war.  The people of the Province of Saskatchewan are being robbed of their University, their ethics and the future imagined by them.

Broader context:
  • There is a static page, Lockheed Martin, Census, Trial, War Economy, which is an overview.
  • In the “categories” on the right-hand side of the blog, under “Peace or Violence” there is a file of related listings. If you skim thru those you see, for example,
  • The Troop Exchange Agreement in 2008
  • the roll-out of armoured vehicles (which are for combat zones) in cities across Canada (and the U.S.)
  • the deployment of unmanned drones along the U.S.-Canadian border
  • Lockheed Martin moving into Saskatoon (a series of 3 articles from the Star Phoenix), and so on.

The article, 2011-11-29 US cops now allowed to operate in Canada. Important article, Toronto Star., from the Toronto Star shows that the American police are now more or less integrated with the Canadian police – - all part of the integration of North America.  Loss of sovereignty, thanks to the quislings.

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From “Embassy”, September 19, 2012 

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